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Stone Cladding System



Alustet 7300 system is a complete method stone cladding (marble, granite etc) with perimetric support. It’s an invention for advanced technology buildings.

Alustet 7300 offers:

  • Perimetric support of each stone piece, preventing peeling, crushing and falling overtime.
  • Economy of material and lower manufacturing cost, due to small thickness of the rock plate (2cm).
  • Easy and quick installation on work site without qualified personnel. Exemption from additional parts, accessories and tools.
  • Variety of joints, surfaces and shapes in combination with glazing system.
  • Horizontal placement of stone plates on the ceiling.
  • The visible parts of the aluminium profiles can be colored (RAL colors or anodised)

The most common problems of existing stone cladding systems is peeling due to mounting method with bolts. Loads from wind pressure or earthquake creates point strain on the material leading to exfoliation and final fall.

In the Alustet 7300 system each stone slab has a perimeter groove (depth: 8-10mm, width: 3-3,5mm). This notch is the reception of aluminium profiles, forming the perimetric support of each plate. In this way, forces on the plate of stone are uniformed distributed. Wear problems are being avoided and plate thickness is reduced (20mm). Safety and economy achievement in construction.

Alustet 7300 generates double skin facade, preventing air or rainwater penetrating, due to the aluminium joints between the stone plates. Vertical air circulation can be controlled, helping the building to “breathe” and be insulated. During the summer, moving air cools the exterior walls, while in the winter stagnant air prevents cold to be in contact with the building. Important energy profits are being obtained.

Alustet 7300 support system consist of horizontal and vertical aluminium profiles. The horizontal elements accept the weight of stone and retain the overlying and underlying plates. The vertical elements retain the plates and act us spacers between them. Joint dimensions are from 5 to 50mm depending on the architectural requirements. Attention is given on leveling the first horizontal item.

Alustet 7300 is available in variant dimension and forms of aluminium profiles to achieve different applications. Suitable profile and ending selection is depending on the dimensions, the type and quality of the material.

With Alustet 7300 architect is free to design the building form without restrictions. Profile variety offers the possibility for a plane or curved surface, for every short of cladding: combination of joints and stone dimensions.

Alustet 7300 allows horizontal stone cladding construction. Because of the perimeter support and the light weight, stone can be ceiling mounted inside or outside the building. The horizontal placement is safe and simple.

Aluminium profiles are based on steel frame capable of carrying the supporting structure (weight, wind loads, seismic forces etc). There are two ways of support: vertical placement of galvanised metal elements IPE or combination of two angles. Each building is unique and the selected support systems are selected according to its requirements.