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About Us

ALUSTET ENGINEERING Ltd is a façade engineering and consulting company that provide innovative and cost effective façade engineering solutions, bridging the gap between architectural conception and engineering realization.

Working with architects and facades applicators of every brand Aluminum Building Systems, provide consulting services and generate creative engineering solutions that secure easy constructability, sustainable safety, low cost and modern aesthetic eye catching of the building envelopes.

ALUSTET ENGINEERING Ltd has the exclusive rights of the patented ALUSTET Curtain Wall System, a building system that its ingenuity concept allows bespoke façade engineering solutions for every type of complex architectural building envelopes  and for re cladding of old facades. The system has become the choice for double curvature facades and those requiring 3D curved and segmented unitized panels.

The innovative concept of ALUSTET System and its competitive advantages are shown in the ‘ALUSTET SYSTEM’ tab.

Performance certifications are also shown at the ‘ALUSTET SYSTEM’ tab

Furthermore note that we provide façade engineering services not only with ALUSTET system but with any other brand

ALUSTET façade engineering solutions based on ALUSTET concept helps the architects to realize their vision and provide easy constructability to fabricators and erectors.

ALUSTET ENGINEERING Ltd in the capacity as façade consulting and engineering company undertake a wide scope of relative services and works according to client’s requirements and particularities of each project

For nearly more than 10 years, ALUSTET ENGINEERING Ltd with their qualified teams of professionals have the experience and the expertise to help our clients in Greece and abroad to deliver their projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality possible.