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ALUSTET facade engineering solutions help the architects to realize their vision and provide easy constructability to fabricators and erectors

ALUSTET façade engineering is bridging the gap between architectural conception and engineering realization.

ALUSTET ingenuity concept allows bespoke façade engineering solutions for every type of complex architectural building envelopes.

What is ALUSTET’s Innovation

The system is horizontal, not vertical.
There are no vertical mullions from floor to floor.

• Earthquake and Hurricane Resistant
• No Vertical Mullions
• Double Curvature
• Operable Windows
• Suitable for Various Façade Materials
• Allows uninterrupted electrical wiring
• Suitable for compact double wall system
• Unitized, Enclosure at the End of Construction
• Competitive cost, especially for high floor-to-floor


The main concept of the ALUSTET system, following a very different design approach than the prevailing standard practice of the industry is to separate the curtain wall of each floor from those of adjacent floors, in such a way, so that the displacement of the one storey to be independent from the others.

Simply, we thought out of the box.



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  • Subject to dynamic test with an acceleration of 0.80g with closed windows and 0.66g with open windows, the system did not experience any permanent distortion.
  • The measured interstorey drift, on the plane of the façade, was 58 mm.
  • As expected, the aluminum panels were not distorted at all: they were sliding towards the corners during interstorey drift.
  • The distance between the spandrel panels remained intact, as they were sliding as a group following the movement of the slab.
  • The corners slided subject to the expected uniform displacement.